Realme 3 Pro receives official support for the Pixel Experience ROM

Android 10 has been released now for quite a while and the desire to try the new version of Google's operating system is so great that international developers and modders have already started to cook Custom ROM models specific to models that most likely will not see the new OS , or they will have to wait who knows how long. An example would be the Realme 3 Pro, that although it has been included in the list of smartphones that will enjoy the new major release of the green robot, it may not affect the hearts of users, who perhaps expect a ROM less "oriental".

That's why the small Realme device can boast the release of a first customized custom ROM, which brings the new features of Android 10. And the ROM in question is one of the best in circulation and among the most appreciated: let's talk about the Pixel Experience.

Realme 3 Pro receives official support for the Pixel Experience ROM

The ROM report provides it directly to the official website of the Pixel Experience developer. ROM is specific for Realme 3 Pro

therefore do not try to install it on terminals other than the one mentioned. In any case we recommend a backup copy of all data and above all not to improvise yourself modder if you are not familiar with these procedures. Finally we point out that to proceed with the installation of the Pixel Experience you will have to do it unlocking the bootloader and then flash the ROM in question.

If you don't know how to do it, you can refer to the official guide for unlocking the Realme 3 Pro bootloader that you find at this link, while to download the Pixel Experience ROM specific for the terminal you can click on this other link.

pixel experience

The great thing about the Pixel Experience for Realme 3 Pro is that there is no need to flash the GAPPS package as integrated into the build, therefore if you want to experience the thrill of Android 10 on your terminal, click on the link just provided and do not forget to give us your feedback.

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