Four certifications for the new Realme 5i: another version coming soon

That it is a record for our beloved brand Realme? Four versions for the same smartphone. The series Realm 5 he saw several editions of himself born: there was the Realm 5 standard, Pro and version 5S. Do you think it ended here? No, because the company has decided to aim high (or low?) By releasing a fourth device belonging to the same series, i.e. the Realme 5i. In recent days, this device has received four certifications: NBTC (Thailand) Wi-Fi Alliance, TO (Indian) and TKDN (Indonesia). Different certifications for different countries but as always the first to receive the device will be India.

Four certifications for the new Realme 5i: another version coming soon

To trace the name of the device it was necessary cross data of the four certifications since if one reported the code name, the other only had the official one. Let's start with that of Wi-Fi Alliance: only the code name is mentioned in this documentRMX2030. In addition to this it is known, always reading the sheet, that the fourth device of the 5 series will leave the factory with on board Android 9 Pie. Certification NBTC instead it tells us that the codename we are aware of corresponds to the official name Realme 5i.

From the other two certifications we know poco and nothing, except that the device will also be released in those countries. Without a doubt, as mentioned before, India will be the first to see this device. Talking about specifications and prices

instead, it is not really possible to say anything official. First of all it is unknown why the output of a fourth device belonging to the same series. The market is already well divided since we have, in decreasing order of performance and price, Realme 5 Pro, Realme 5S and Realme 5.

We can speculate that this 5i will be positioned below the 5 standard and therefore it will be comparable to a Redmi Go, with very lightened Android One operating system. Super entry-level so with a price less than € 100 to grab a slice of the market which, albeit poco viva, you need this terminal. Even at the camera level we think it will have a low-level hardware: probably like the Redmi Go it will have a low cost 8 megapixel sensor.

Processor? Who knows maybe even in this case Realme will follow the Redmi line using a basic processor like it Snapdragon 425 to cut costs and allow a range of basic customers to buy the smartphone. If these were the premises, however, it will be difficult to see it in Europe.

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