Realme 6: a leak reveals sales boxes, five cameras and processor. Fake?

Updated on: 22 November 2022 13:18

We want to get our hands in front and start by saying immediately that we are not sure of the truthfulness of this image spread by SLASHLEAKS. That said, after the release in August of Realm 5 and its version Pro, the brand branches of OPPO it appears that he is preparing to release the successor. There is no mention of the Pro version for the Realm 6 since it is too early and the news could prove to be hoaxes, but its release along with the standard cannot be excluded. In any case this leak it would show us a part of the sales box: above it are the two main features, that is, the formation of the camera and processor. On the one hand we have one Pentacam and on the other one Snapdragon 710... but why this chipset?

Realme 6: a leak reveals sales boxes, five cameras and processor. Fake?

One of the reasons we said this photo beforehand seems to be a fake it 's just the processor question: it Snapdragon 712 is the chipset on Realme XTas well as on Realme 5 Pro. So what would be the small step forward compared to the previous generation? Only the camera? It seems strange to us that it provides a 710 compared to 665

of Realm 5, but it would really seem so.

really 6

The other aspect, which however does not clash, is the formation of the photo gallery: taking inspiration from Xiaomi's Mi Note 10, Realm 6 it could equip a pentacam made up of 5 cameras. It could be assumed that it will be added to the comparison already existing on 5 (12 + 8 + 2 + 2) a fifth 48-megapixel sensor, overwhelmingly entering the market as one of the few to have this resolution for the category. We do not feel like saying that the photographic sector will be of higher quality simply because the hypothetical processor supports up to 20 megapixel sensor for dual cameras and up to 32 megapixels for single cameras: only using the technology of pixel binning (4 pixels in 1) you could manage to go a long way, a bit like Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite.


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