Realme 7 Pro updates to realme UI 2.0 and Android 11 in Italy

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Realme 7 Pro is identical to realme 8 Pro and we have demonstrated it in this comparison. However the first is updating (in Italian) to the really UI 2.0, which is the new version of the Android custom skin. The device that currently proves to be the absolute best best buy of the company it is updating not only to the latest release of the UI but also to the latest version of the operating system. Indeed, along with version 2.0 also comes Android 11. Let's go and see all the details of the update.

When do I update realme 7 Pro to realme UI 2.0 and Android 11? Starting today! The update we were waiting for is being released

It is no secret that realme is one of the slower companies to release the update to Android 11 but luckily something is moving. This morning we receive news that realme 7 pro, the company's penultimate flagship device (albeit not flagship) is updating to realme UI 2.0 and simultaneously with Android 11. The update in question weighs is presented with build number RMX2170_11_C.19 and has a weight of 2.97 GB. Below is a screenshot.

realme 7 pro receives realme ui 2.0 with android 11 in italy

All the news of realme UI 2.0

There are several improvements that realme UI 2.0 will bring to realme 7 Pro. Among these we have an enhanced Dark Mode: with this mode it will be possible to choose between different shades of dark, according to our preferences. The brand has also added options for regular wallpapers and icons in dark mode along with an option for reduce the contrast in low light conditions

With the new Realme UI 2.0 it will be possible rearrange the applications in the drawer in order of name, installation date in order of use. In this last case, the most used ones will be automatically placed higher. In addition to this the possibility of delete more than one application at a time.

Realme is making some changes to the way notifications are handled. There will be support for Bubbles for instant messaging apps and users will also have access to notification history. Besides that, the brand also has separate ringtone volume and notification volume

thus making it possible to have different volume levels for calls and notifications.

The notification bar and drop-down panel have been changed and not poco. The most prepared, those who know the MIUI 11 of Xiaomi in particular, they will notice the similarity with the skin of the brand. In fact, both the toggles and the brightness bar have the same shape and size as those of the competing Chinese company. The toggles, as it was already possible to do, have interchangeable shapes between square, square-circle round.

If we want this is an exclusive of the skin in question. It will be possible not only to customize the shapes of the icons as mentioned above, but also to set icons predefined packages from other interfaces. For example, if we like the icons on the OnePlus OxygenOS, we can use those. This feature will perhaps be introduced on all devices with Android 11.

Realme has made some changes to the battery section and included a new optimized night charging option. It will reduce battery aging as the phone learns from the daily charging routine and then can check the charging speed during the night and avoid overload.

Finally, System Cloner allows you to create two partitions of the whole system, similar to Second Space of MIUI 11 and 12. You can switch between spaces with a password or fingerprint. Apart from that, Realme has also introduced a new feature of restore uninstalled system apps which, as the name suggests, should help restore deleted applications.

These are just some of the new features that will be available on realme 7 Pro. The rollout started yesterday and will continue in the next few days. Let us remember that it is in stages, therefore not everyone will get it right away.

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