realme 8 Pro, cameras rated by DxOMark: not bad for its price

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DxOMark published a detailed analysis of the camera's realme 8 pro recently released. Not only have they taken many photos and videos in a variety of conditions, but they also have compared the result with the images of other smartphones, including Samsung's flagship device. If you are also curious to see how the photo sensors of the device are made, we recommend that you see this article. But having said that, let's see what are the strengths and weaknesses of the realme smartphone.

Realme 8 Pro is reviewed by DxOmark: how did the cameras of the company's latest smartphone behave? Let's see it together

Recall that realme 8 Pro has become the the brand's first smartphone with a 108-megapixel camera

. In addition, it is equipped with an ultra wide-angle module with a resolution of 8 megapixels and a pair of 2 megapixel sensors for portrait and macro photography. Samsung Galaxy S21 + and Redmi Note 10 Pro were chosen as the competitors of the comparison by DxoMark.

After a thorough examination of the footage, the experts identified several strengths of the realme 8 Pro camera:

  • often accurate outdoor and indoor exposure
  • wide backlit dynamic range
  • high detail in bright to moderate light conditions
  • fast and accurate autofocus
  • not a bad estimate of depth in portrait mode
  • minimal video noise when shooting in good lighting
  • neutral white balance for both indoor and outdoor video recording
  • good color reproduction in videos when shooting outdoors
dxomark evaluates realme 8 pro cameras

However, there were also many shortages:

  • sometimes the color of the skin does not correspond to reality
  • in low light, photos can go a long way in warm colors.
  • strong light noise in low-light photographs
  • night photos look too dark and have insufficient dynamic range
  • details are greatly reduced when zoom is used
  • the video comes out with too much contrast and insufficient dynamic range
  • the autofocus “jumps” during video shooting
  • loss of fine detail in the video
  • inaccurate low-light video colors

Taking into account all the pros and cons, the realme 8 Pro camera received a final score of 103 points, the same as POCO X3 NFC e Apple iPhone SE (2020). According to employees of DxOMark, the smartphone shoots well for the price range of around 250 €, but it clearly is inferior to the leader of this class: Pixel 4a

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