Real Modding Realme: kernel source code for Realme 6, 6 Pro, C3 and 5i while releasing a series of Custom Roms for 5 Proo

Despite some recommendations from the Realme brand relating to modding operations, which we told you about Thu, the Asian company has recently published the kernel source code of 3 devices, 3 smartphones from poco on the international scene. We are talking about Realme C3, Realme 6 Pro and Realme 5i which open up to the world of modding thanks to the release of the kernel source code of these latest models.


Now the four protagonist models will become even more attractive to users, who will be able to benefit from all the possibilities deriving from this possibility. The world of modding therefore will be able to offer new recovery, custom mods and above all many Custom ROMs such as those just appeared on the net for the most glorious Realme 5 Pro.

Real Modding Realme: kernel source code for Realme 6, 6 Pro, C3 and 5i while releasing a series of Custom Roms for 5 Pro


The ROMs we are talking about and exclusive to Realme 5 Pro, are all based on the Android 10 operating system, the latest major release of Android. Recall that modding operations, if you are not practical, are risky, so if in doubt, better avoid doing damage. Before proceeding with the flash of any Custom ROM, it is necessary to have a custom recovery.

Among the most famous, we find the TWRP, which in the case of Realme 5 Pro is available in Unofficial form. You can find the download link and installation instructions in the link below.

Unofficial TWRP for Realme 5 Pro


LineageOS 17.1 Unofficial

Strangely, the mid range of the Chinese brand is not yet supported by the LineageOS development team, which in version 17.1 arrives unofficially. This offers a stock user experience, without obvious personalization, which gives users the possibility to use a different skin than that normally present on Realme phones.

LineageOS 17.1 unofficial Realme 5 Pro

Pixel Experience

Even the Pixel Experience ROM is the one to rely on if you aspire to a stock experience typical of Google devices.The ROM is based on the AOSP branch and as the name suggests it tries to make the experience you enjoy on Pixel terminals as similar as possible , starting with wallpapers, fonts, startup animations, etc.

Official Pixel Experience Realme 5 Pro

AOSP Extended

This ROM refers to the AOSP branch of Android, with the addition of interesting features regarding the customization of the UI and user experience. The AOSP Extended allows you to change the gestures for unlocking with the fingerprint, the status bar, the menus and much more.

AOSPExtended for Realme 5 Pro


Arrow OS

Based on the AOSP, Arrow OS does not offer many customization options. The ROM is suitable for users who are looking for a solution based on performance rather than the possibility of changing the UI.

Arrow OS for Realme 5 Pro

Extended UI

The Extended UI is inspired by the Pixel Experience but with a unique and particular UI. In addition, there is support for double tap to lock the phone, toggle for quick answers and much more.

ExtendedUI for Realme 5 Pro

Evolution X

Addressed to users who like a type of use very similar to that of Google Pixels, EvolutionX offers a robust customization of the UI with fonts, edge lighting and much more.

EvolutionX for Realme 5 Pro

Derp Fest

Perfect for those who love to completely modify the aesthetic aspect of their smartphone, DerpFest gives way to change the status bar, quick settings, gestures and much more.

DerpFest for Realme 5 Pro

Well, let us know which of these favorite Custom ROMs and which modding branch you belong to.


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