Realme Buds Air Neo found in the Realme UI teaser

A few days ago the Oppo sub-brand, Realme, officially announced the operating system dedicated to its smartphones: Realme UI.

Well, today the Chinese brand has decided to give us a preview of the new UI, in a video in which we also find a teaser for a potentially very interesting product. Let's go watch it together!

Realme Buds Air Neo found in the Realme UI teaser

Let's start with the first feature shown in the video, that is, the one that allows us to customize the icons within the UI. In particular, we can change the shape of the icon to our liking, change the size and use Art + type icons created by third parties. We also have animated backgrounds and a feature called "Dual Earphone" which will allow us to use two pairs of headphones at the same time, one connected via cable and the other via Bluetooth.

Within the demonstration of this feature is where we find the te aser mentioned earlier. In fact, among the connected headphones we can see a pair of “Realme Buds Air Neo”. These headphones were never announced and therefore it is a product that will likely be unveiled in the weeks or months to follow.

realme buds air tws

Realme Buds Air

In any case, usually the name "Neo" represents a weakened version of an existing product. So the Realme Buds Air Neo could differ quite a bit from the Realme Buds Air released in December. A bit like Xiaomi did with the Mi Air and Redmi AirDots.

Having said that, rumors come from China which instead suggest that it may be an even more premium TWS headset with advanced functionality such as active noise cancellation.

realme buds air neo

Returning to the features in the video, we also see the "Smart Sidebar", or a shortcut with all the icons placed on the side, a more smart and secure privacy protection system, "Screen-Off Display", therefore Always-On and Dark Mode .

Now tell us yours. What do you think of the features seen in the video? Let us know in the comments section below!


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