Realme Buds Air: first hands on and launch expected together with Realme X50 5G

The sector of true wireless headphones is increasingly populated by proposals from more or less famous brands, more or less reliable and therefore the personal version of Realme could not be missing. poco presented on the market the Buds Air (very original name), a more or less shameless copy of what Apple has already placed on the market for some time, but which unlike the Airpods offers more attractive colors, such as black and yellow as well as the classics White.

The launch price was set at 399 yuan, equal to about 50 euros at the current exchange rate, moved by an R1 chip and a Bluetooth 5.0 module, as well as some gestures and support for Google Assistant, which leads us to think that soon the Realme Buds Air will also invade the international market as well as the Chinese one. Despite the official presentation, however, a marketing date is missing, which according to the latest rumors should take place in the first days of next month, i.e. January 2020 coinciding with the new Realme X50 5G.

Pending this, however, we can begin to make a first acquaintance thanks to the friends of the Realme community, who shared a quick unboxing of the yellow version, the most youthful variant of the Realme Buds Air.

Realme Buds Air: first hands on and launch expected together with Realme X50 5G

The sales box is presented in a classic hardcover in the color of the chosen headphones, where the Realme logo, the product name as well as the example image of the TWS headphones are also shown. On the back we find the main features, such as the presence of wireless charging, dual microphone for noise cancellation (passive), Driver Dynamic Bass Boost with AAC codec, fast connection thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, minimum latency and presence of the play / pause sensor automatic (in practice, you just need to remove them from your ears to pause the music track or restart playback once worn).

Once the package is opened we will be shown the charging case housed in a compartment where below we also find the rest of the equipment which consists of an instruction manual and Type-C charging cable, with a gem of style: the metal pins USB and Type-C ports are yellow, like Realme Buds Air headphones.

The material used for the charging case, as well as for the headphones is glossy ABS plastic. In the lower part we find the Type-C charging input and the certifications of the technological bodies. Always on the back we find the hinge, always in plastic and the writing "Designed by Realme". A clear reference to the bitten apple? Turning to the front we find a button that will serve for association with the smartphone and a small LED certifying the state of charge of the case and headphones, once inserted in the predetermined housing.

Unfortunately, the friends of the Realme community do not express themselves about the lid, whether with a magnetic closure or simply interlocking (we hope for the first solution). The Realme Buds Air do not seem to have any writing, nor logos but simply on the stem we find the presence of a microphone while the second is positioned immediately under the driver's case. In the lower part of the stem we also find two magnetic pins that should ensure a firm position inside the charging box.

Of course the interesting part will be to find out how these Real Buds Air really sound and what performance they have on call. Yet another clone of the Airpods or not, Realme's proposal is certainly intriguing in view of the price, considering that we often and willingly find real scassoni at the sales figure. We just have to try them, so a nice encouragement from you by putting a nice LIKE our Facebook page.

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