Official Realme Buds Air: design, features and price

Dopo un first teaser from the large pieces of Realme we have come to know of the possible price of the Realme Buds Air, the ptime headphones TWS of the homonymous brand. Yesterday, a day after the official presentation, the CEO Madhav Sheth he said via Twitter that it is never good to trust leaks (referring to the price of headphones) and he was right. Indeed, the Buds Air are cheaper than what appeared days ago on Flipkart and this will be one of the reasons that will lead them to be among the best true wireless headphones out there. To add to the price we have the minimal design and features from high-end devices.

Official Realme Buds Air: design, features and price

To present them in India during the conference also dedicated to Realme X2, was Sreehari, product manager of Realme India. The brand's ninety piece started with a brief history of the headphones launched by the brand so far. We passed by Realme Buds, Realme Buds 2 up to the third edition or the Realme Buds Wireless with wire, dedicated to sportsmen.

realme buds air tws

With the new headphones, the brand has taken a big step forward defining the truly revolutionary technology on board for the price range. But let's see the features that make these headphones unique:

  • open-up auto connection: once the Buds Air refill box is opened, our smartphone will recognize it automatically but above all immediate that these are nearby. It follows that it will connect itself. Another very interesting thing related to the connection between devices is the much loved one Apple-style pop-up window that will appear every time we want to connect the headphones to a new device;
  • latency: one of the problems most complained about by users is latency. How many times has it happened to play or watch a movie and to discover that audio and video do not go hand in hand? Well, with the processor R1 on board these headphones the latency is reduced to a minimum and there will be no more problems like that. For clarity: the AirPods have a latency (data in hand) of 204 ms while the Realme Buds Air have a latency of only 120 ms.
  • noise cancellation: another feature that has now become necessary for high quality headphones. The new headphones are equipped with two microphones: one will record our voice while the other the ambient noise. Together they will be able to ensure that incoming noises during calls will not interfere with the voice of our interlocutor or ours. Everything is supported by a bass driver of last generation that measures only 12 mm;
  • optical sensor: a headset is mounted on the headphones optical sensor in the vicinity of the sound outlet hole, which will allow to put automatically paused music when you take them out of your ears. This is also a feature that has now become indispensable.
  • gestures: these too have become mandatory for well-made products. The Realme Buds Air also integrate gestures with which they can be controlled. With a double tap pause or play music and answer calls. With a triple tap go to the next song in the playlist. Finally, with an extended single tap we can end the call and access the voice assistant. The "Gaming Mode”Is a prerogative of the new headphones: making a long tap on both headphones we will enter this completely immersive mode.
  • autonomy: as far as autonomy is concerned, headphones don't joke. For a single use let's talk about 3 hours of battery life while finishing the refill in the box we can use them for a total of 17 hours.

gestures buds air

  • battery and recharge: unfortunately it has not been announced how many mAh the headphones have but we know a much more interesting thing. They are equipped with wireless reloading and then you can use either the proprietary 10W charger (coming soon) or any other similar device.
  • price: as previously announced, the price is not 4999 Indian rupees at the current exchange rate of about € 63, but 3999 Indian rupees, that is 50 € round rounds. Not bad right?

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