Realme: record growth that also makes Xiaomi and Redmi tremble

Realme is a relatively young brand, born with decidedly entry level smartphones but which in the last period has been able to upset the market with devices characterized by the excellent quality / price ratio entering in direct competition with the Xiaomi and Redmi brands. So the same philosophy for all 3 smartphone manufacturers, but thanks to the novelty effect, Realme is gaining more and more market share, bringing home incredible growth.

It is as always Counterpoint, a well-known data analysis company in the field of tech, to provide us with a photograph on the current state of smartphone sales updated to Q3 in 2019, a period in which Realme shipped over 10 million units. Dizzying numbers especially when compared to the same period of the previous year, in which the company totaled less than 2 million units shipped. Instead, 6 million devices that the company shipped in Q2 of 2019.

Realme: record growth that also makes Xiaomi and Redmi tremble


An exponential growth that could give headaches precisely to the rival par excellence Xiaomi and its Redmi rib, hitherto undisputed emperors of the mid-range market. In the Counterpoint report, Realme ranks 7th in the list of smartphone brands in the world, rising by 3 positions compared to the quarter prior to that of Q3 in 2019, bringing a first record in the Realme house, which is currently the oriental company with the highest growth in the mobile telephony market, recording a share of + 808% as regards shipping.

The markets in which Realme is giving Xiaomi and Redmi a hard time are India and Indonesia, which have always been the most profitable markets for devices of a Chinese nature and which in the case of Realme correspond to 80% of total shipments. of the company. In India, Realme represents the 4th smartphone manufacturer with 16% of the total market, one step away from Xiaomi. It's really missing at the end of the year poco and therefore overtaking may be closer than it seems.

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