Record-breaking realme: over 1 million wireless headphones sold worldwide

Realme is acquiring more and more importance and esteem, becoming one of the direct competitor brands of brands such as Xiaomi, trying to expand its markets also through the take-off of its own ecosystem made of products similar to smartphones, such as the TWS headphones sector.

And in this market Realme has much to celebrate, considering the sales record achieved in a few months, equal to over 1 million units sold for Buds Air and Buds Wireless products. Success undoubtedly linked to the low price of the products offered as well as to interesting specifications, such as the 12 mm drivers and custom R1 chip present in the Buds Air, which help to provide record autonomy as well as crazy audio quality.

Buds air

Record-breaking realme: over 1 million wireless headphones sold worldwide

To get an idea of ​​the popularity of the Realme Buds Air, we must say that these were the best-selling headphones in India, after only the Apple AirPods, which have dominated the market for years. In any case, in a few days we will witness the launch of a new version, the Buds Air Neo, of which we have already told you some details here

Buds Wireless

The Realme Buds Wireless also contributed to the record, albeit in a lesser form, as the neckband type earphones now belong to a narrow user niche. In conclusion, Realme, the portable audio sector, is very important and will contribute in 2020 to the launch of at least 50 products destined for world trends.

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