Realme could detach itself from Oppo and become an independent brand [UPDATED]

As is well known, every self-respecting brand has a satellite brand that we used to call sub-brand. This differentiation arises from the need of the same brand to cover as much market as possible: in the case of Oppo, its sub-brand is Realme. Even bigger manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi have their respective satellites, respectively Honor e Redmi. While in the case of the parent company, as a rule, an attempt is made to offer more “flagship” devices, in the case of the smaller branch it is aimed (pardon the pun) at medium or medium-low range devices. In reality this is not the case: as far as Realme is concerned, we know how it presented from poco il Realme X2 Pro, Its flagship which is enjoying huge sales success. Today's news is that Realme could detach itself from the parent company Oppo to become a brand in its own right.

Realme could detach itself from Oppo and become an independent brand

This was declared by Chung Hsiang-wei, commercial director for Realme Taiwan.

Chung Hsiang Wei

Chung Hsiang-wei Photo: Max Wang, Digitimes, November 2019

According to reports from Digitimes, the Realme Taiwan officer allegedly claimed that all it would depend on Realme's business volumes. If the expansion of the brand does not stop, the two brands could face a division which, however, does not mean breaking away in a bad way. And based on the data we could see this division sooner than we expect: in fact the brand has recently been put in 7th position in the ranking of brands with the highest growth. You will say "Well, there are also other brands that have had the same luck" ... yes, but Realme was born only a year ago.

Pure sharing the resources available together with the mother brand OppoRealme has formed its own research and development team and is expected to create its own ecosystem and production lines, said Chung. The proof is the possibility, far from remote, that presents shortly new products

like true wireless headphones. In terms of marketing strategy, Oppo and Realme do not play complementary roles and do not wage war on each other, but rather target different market segments, according to Chung, adding that the 60% of Oppo users are women and 60% of Realme users are men. As we said before, the segment of products it offers is also well differentiated: while Oppo has purely flagship smartphones and at a higher price, Realme creates devices at much lower prices even if with an eye to performances.

[UPDATE - 29/11/2029]

Regarding the news of the division of the two brands, Realme's denial came. In fact, it appears that he has contacted the staff of and announced that the Taiwanese media report has been misunderstood. He therefore denied that there is no intention on either side to divide.

This is what was answered:

Realme Mobile Telecommunications Private Limited is already an independent trademark and a legal entity. Realme was officially established on May 4, 2018 by the founders Sky Li and Madhav Sheth. We authorize OPPO to manufacture and share only a few sourcing resources as realme does not have its own factory in India, so we have assigned OPPO as our supplier and OEM manufacturer.


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