Realme makes unlocking the bootloader free on all smartphones

Pure modding has always frightened smartphone manufacturers, who too many times have actually found themselves grappling with users who are not really aware that by fiddling with their device they have made it a paperweight, creating irremediable software errors. For example, Huawei has decided to block the possibility of unlocking the bootloader just as Xiaomi has taken a step back, making the unlocking operation of its devices less easy, but Realme has decided to go against the current and give free access to unlocking the bootloader.

A strategy that will make all modder users happy, who have always embraced the pure philosophy of oper source, of the series, the phone is mine and I do what I want. The confirmation that the unlocking of the bootloader on Realme smartphones is free comes from a senior executive of the company through a post on the Chinese social network Weibo, declaring that all the models on sale in China are open to this type of software procedure.


Realme makes unlocking the bootloader free on all smartphones

The potential of unlocking the bootloader are truly innumerable, such as having access to root permissions, being able to flash a Custom ROM or various modules that enhance some components and much more that a real geek already knows. Be careful, however, to exalt yourself, because as already mentioned only smartphones sold in China will benefit from this novelty, so you will wonder which smartphones you actually have access to to unlock the bootloader? The official list includes the following models:

  • Realme X2 / X2 Pro / X2 Pro Master Edition
  • Realme X / X Youth Edition
  • Realme Q

At the moment it is not clear whether the feature will also extend to the international market where Realme 5 and 5 Pro are enjoying enormous success. In case there were updates we will not delay to update you on our blog.

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