Samsung HMX 108 megapixel also for Realme

Maybe some of you were expecting it. I personally yes: it only takes a matter of time before other brands approach the same sensor as the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. We are talking about Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX from 108 megapixel, the one who made his eyes go wide as much as he came out. As we know, the South Korean company leader in the front panels and cameras sector (but not only) availed itself of the help of the Lei Jun for the production of this revolutionary new sensor. But perhaps Xiaomi will not be the only company to use it because according to the latest rumors too Realme will have a 108 megapixel smartphone. Which? Maybe we have an idea.

Samsung HMX 108 megapixel also for Realme | Rumor

This news comes from Weibo, sal usual insider Digital Station who knows one more of the devil. According to him, as we read in the post, the CEO of Realme India would have revealed to the country's media that the brand plans to develop a device with a camera from 108 megapixel. Or rather, this device would already be under study by the company's experts.

realme 108 megapixel

Earlier this month it was officially announced by Realme that the new flagship devices with 5G connection will the X50 and 50 Pro. Respectively they will have processors Snapdragon 765G and Snapdragon 865. Who better than them could have such a camera? To be more precise, we also venture to say that the Pro version of the new Realme 5G will implement this 108 megapixel sensor. A top-of-the-range sensor goes hand in hand with a top-of-the-range hardware compartment, after all.

For the uninitiated though, the megapixels of this Samsung HMX are not really 108: in reality they are 27 megapixel that, thanks to technology Tetracell, behave as if they were 108. In detail: each pixel measures precisely 0.8 μm (which means greater amount of light captured) and thanks to the pixel merging technology the 27 sensor imitates the 108 sensor, since the amount of pixels that are usually in a larger space are now in a smaller space. The result can be seen basically in the amount of light on photos, which is greater than that taken by a "only" 27 megapixel sensor. For those familiar with the Indian language, here is a video interview with the CEO in which he affirms the existence of the project in question.

But will Realme be the only one, together with Xiaomi, to launch such a product? Surely not. We count in fact that too Oppo, the company to which Realme relies for the production of its devices, will bring us one smartphones of this level.

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[…] They give the same image sensor on board the next flagship of another Chinese brand: Realme. That is all [...]


[…] Which give the same image sensor on board the next flagship of another Chinese brand: Realme. That is all [...]

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