Realme also thinks of a smartphone with a pop-up camera

Ever since we started our adventure up here we have never talked about patents except those of Oppo. Realme, the "spin-off" brand of Oppo, very rarely presents one or at least an interesting one. And instead today we want to amaze since he presented a patent that immortalizes a prototype of smartphone with pop-up camera. This trick consisting of remove the front sensor from the screen and putting it inside the body, has now become one of the most sought after methods. The reason is one greater availability of front panel space. Let's see it together.

Realme presents its first patent of a smartphone without holes: the front camera is retractable

The patent in question comes from CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) and we show you four images extrapolated from the official document.

Like any smartphone with a pop-up retractable mechanism, this one also has a large "hole" in the upper part. Obviously inside is housed the trolley that must go out, inside which the photographic sensor is placed. The advantage of this option, as we said, is to have more usable space on the front panel; this means a wider display without any hole or notch. The thing that will delight users is that the edges are really minimized, even the lower one. This is what always creates a bit of a headache, the low edge commonly called "Chin". In this smartphone it appears to be really subtle, if not nonexistent

, unlike other devices of the same type.

The thing that surely will not have gone unnoticed to readers will be the lower part, the one near the chin. Here one is housed speaker, for an type-C connector and, hear hear, a 3.5mm jack hole for headphones. Nowadays, even if it is Realme, not all smartphones are equipped with it. Finally we move on to side B: we find one quad camera with vertical traffic light with a flash positioned to its right. This is bigger than average and could help the camera in very low light conditions.

What do you think of this smartphone Realme with pop-up camera? It is certainly an absolute novelty for the brand since in its immense catalog (among European, Chinese and Indian smartphones) there is no device with this type of camera. For sure we will not see it very soon since, as a rule, patents are not made in the future too close to their filing date.


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