Realme SuperDart brings the Realme X50 Pro battery to 100% in minutes

We are waiting to be able to put our hand on the top of the Realme X50 Pro range, whose technical characteristics have delighted the imagination of millions of users, so much so that we could define the Chinese device as belonging to the #techporn category. Seriously, the new Realme X50 Pro in addition to a dizzying hardware has a series of really cool features, such as the Realme SuperDart charging support, which debuted with the latest top of the manufacturer range.

A technology that derives from what OPPO mother has already proposed with other devices, but this new technology seems to have raised the bar in terms of fast charging, obtaining dream results, but completely real.

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super dart

Realme SuperDart brings the Realme X50 Pro battery to 100% in minutes

But the real spectacularity of this new technology, which in fact responds to the name of Realme SuperDart, consists in the fact of being able to recharge the battery of Realme X50 Pro from 0 to 100% in just 35 minutes. This is what the Chinese OEM said, but as you well know, manufacturers often draw random numbers only for marketing needs and therefore the tech people, who are a bit like St. Thomas, have decided to put their noses on it and check if this portentous is it true or not. To give us the answer is Sudhanshu Ambhore, a well-known blogger who through a tweet revealed the results of the tests carried out on the specimen of his belonging.

Using the GaN adapter in the box, you can charge the Realme X4200 Pro's 50mAh battery by 20% in 4 minutes. It reaches a 40% charge in 9 minutes while it takes 15 to get a percentage of 60%. We go up to 22 minutes to reach 80% charge to reach the goal of 100% in just 36 minutes. The result obtained is definitely faithful to what Realme declared on SuperDart technology. If this is the basis we do not dare to imagine what will happen to the debut of the fast recharges at 100W.

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