Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum from today on sale and already on offer

This week, the Realme brand released its first robot vacuum cleaner with a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop function. The product boasts of having 38 different sensors for intelligent navigation, including the LiDAR sensor which is commonly used in autonomous vehicles and aircraft. Well, from today the Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is officially on sale and already on a special offer (which you can find at the end of the post).

Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum from today on sale and already on offer

Returning to the sensors, the LiDAR sensor is particularly crucial to accurately navigate in real time. The same has been recognized by NASA as a key technology to enable the precision autonomous landing of future robotic and manned lunar vehicles. With LiDAR, fast and accurate real-time navigation and precise in-app room mapping are possible.

The built-in LiDAR sensor measures the distance to an object by emitting pulsed light and measures reflected pulses to determine position and distance. Therefore, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner can calculate the best path to clean a room based on its shape and size, avoiding objects such as large furniture. Additionally, the Realme TechLife robot vacuum cleaner can scan and store up to 5 different maps, so users can customize cleaning by setting up a virtual wall and no-cleaning zone in the Realme Link app. In addition, the robot vacuum is constantly refining the map to better understand where to clean and how to clean efficiently.


The robot is able to identify surfaces in real time. The suction and speed will automatically increase for hard to clean and dust collecting areas such as carpets and wall edges with its powerful 3000 Pascal suction and 300ml intelligent electronic water tank and can run at a low level of noise of 55 dB.

Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum data sheet:

  1. Water tank type: Integrated, detachable dust container and water tank.
  2. Water tank capacity: 300ml (dust box + 350ml) ;
  3. Dust box capacity: 600ml
  4. Navigation method: LDS laser navigation ;
  5. Number of saved maps: 5;
  6. Movement path: S / Y type ;
  7. Maximum Suction Power: 3000Pa Ultimate Suction ;
  8. Battery capacity: 5200mAh large battery ;
  9. Application Support: Google Assistant and Alexa Support ;
vacuum cleaner only version / version with water tank and mop

If you are interested in buying, below you will find the best offers:

🤖 Realme TechLife robot vacuum cleaner at € 273
️️ Version with powder only tank
💰 Use the coupon: 96ROBOT
📌 Buy
🇪🇺Fast and free shipping from France

🤖 Realme TechLife robot vacuum cleaner at € 307
️️ Version with 2-1 water + powder tank
💰 Use the coupon: 96ROBOT1
📌 Buy
🇪🇺Fast and free shipping from France

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