realme UI 3.0 Global official: allows much greater autonomy

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realme UI 3.0 showed up a few days ago

in preview, spoiling some features Today, months after the very first appearance, the brand has decided to officially present it at the Global level. So let's go and see in detail all the news of the proprietary Android interface which, shortly, it will also bring Android 12.

realme UI 3.0 is official at a Global level: let's see all the features of the new realme interface in detail

realme introduced the third version of the proprietary user interface based on the Android 12 operating system. The shell is changed in appearance, it has become cheaper in terms of memory and power consumption, and also offers better privacy.

realme ui 3.0 official: interface details with Android 12

The icons in realme UI 3.0 have become more voluminous and bright. In addition, the interface now looks clearer and more logical thanks to the intelligent work with space. To do this, the designers reduced the density of the amount of information displayed on a screen. The size of the headings, the contrast of the symbols and the text have been changed. Everything allows read information from the screen faster.

realme ui 3.0 official: interface details with Android 12
Some innovations resume those of OnePlus, such as the AoD in the negative

realme UI 3.0 introduces the ability to customize the general theme of the interface and customize theAlways on Display. On the latter, we can now install photos or the mascot of the brand: the space cat Realmeow

The developers of the brand paid special attention optimizing the use of system resources. Overall memory speed is increased, memory fragmentation minimized, and applications are launched using intelligent resource scheduling algorithms. Then, in the UI, users will see the following improvements:

  • memory usage reduced by 30%
  • application download speed increased by 13%
  • 12% longer battery life

Also, in realme UI 3.0, the animation process has been optimized: now the artificial intelligence analyzes the dynamic change in pixel fading to work more carefully on the movement and shape of objects.

The major changes have affected the privacy and security of personal data of users. Hence, it became possible remove geolocation information and the data hidden on the device by the photo before sending. Also, while reading the location, realme UI 3.0, instead of a specific flag, can send an indefinite one to the service. And with the help of special charts, it has become more convenient to keep track of the permissions granted to applications and monitor their work in the background.

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