Realme works on the Ultra Dart Charge at 120W: 100% in less than 30 minutes

We have several times talked about the great darts, reloading Realme built on the basis of VOOC and SuperVOOC by Oppo. In fact we could say that it is the same charging technology, both being part of the same group of companies. But as we know the first does not like to be reputed as the sub-brand of the second and is quite right. It can count on a whole series of means and tools (such as the community) that Oppo does not have, for example. In any case, here we are talking about a new charging technology or the so-called Ultra Dart Charge which would allow you to recharge a smartphone to power of 120W.

Ultra Dart Charge is Realme's next step in charging technology: a very powerful 120W that brings 100% of the battery in a few minutes

The fight against those with the most powerful recharge therefore sees a new competitor enter the field. If so far Oppo e Xiaomi were the two main challengers, now Realme enters the battle with his leg outstretched. According to a very succulent leak from Ishan Agarwal, known on the leaker square as a "very roast and no smoke", Realme would be working on this technology.

Specifically, the Indian leaker tells us that this new one Ultrame's 120W Ultra Dart Charge can charge 30% of a 4000 mAh battery in just three minutes. Accounts in hand: to get to 100% enough poco less than half an hour. We know that the energy supplied is not always 120W: if this were the case, smartphones would explode due to the voltage. 120W is the maximum peak to which it arrives, making for the whole time of recharging, a high and low power.

It was not revealed when this charging technology will arrive on the brand's devices, but undoubtedly there is still time for experimentation. Without a doubt the cost of smartphones will rise: it is not just a question of getting a charger that supports this power, but also a battery that can withstand this energy input. And we know that all this has a cost.

Via | RMUpdates

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