Realme Wireless Charger 5W is the brand's Qi charger: but the 10W?

With the advent of new products that support the Qi recharge, Or the wireless charging, each company had to make up for the lack of a proprietary charger. Many brands including Xiaomi e Redmi they have their own wireless chargers, of different shapes, which allow precisely recharge devices such as smartphones or headphones. There are even some power banks that integrate this technology. Realme is no exception: we learn that since the end of 2019 the brand has been in possession of the Realme Wireless Charger, the proprietary tool that allows wireless charging with one power of 5W.

Realme Wireless Charger 5W is the Qi charger of the bran: but the 10W?

Hidden for some time, the team of 91mobiles informs us that the rib company of Oppo, from which it also takes the charging technology for your devices (not exclusively), you have a wireless charger of own construction. But why didn't the brand decide to put it on the market immediately? Simple, because so far no device supports Qi charging. To be honest, there would be one product: let's talk about Realme Buds Air, the company's first TWS.

realme wireless charger

The product has a code name RMA203 and its design is similar, if not the same, to that of all devices belonging to the same category. As you will have understood from the title and from the above specifications, the power supported by the device is really minimal. It's about only 5W

and this could tell us that in reality, the brand's wireless chargers are two! If you remember well, in fact, when the first teasers of the TWS Realme Buds Air headphones came out, the idea of ​​a charger with 10W power. Unless the manufacturer has decided to change, we can say that there are two types of magazines: one 5W and one 10W.

Probably the choice behind this differentiation lies in the product we are going to load. A device like them true wireless headphones, which have an ephemeral battery capacity compared to a smartphone, can be loaded with this device from the reduced power while a cellular, which requires faster charging speed, will be "paired" with the 10W charger.

To be honest, such a choice might sound a little strange: why not give the possibility to quickly charge headphones too? Who knows: maybe only marketing, perhaps for reasons of cost containment, considering that technology with more power "costs" more.

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