Realme X2: “Screen Light Effect” coming with Realme UI in March

The presentation of Real UI or the personalized interface of the homonymous brand, on a base Android 10. The matrix is ​​obviously that of coloros, the proprietary skin of Oppo which is enjoying great success with its seventh release. We have seen what are the news of the Realme interface but today we have a news about a feature that is about to come out. We will see its debut in March and it is about “Screen Light Effect”And to announce it is the CEO of Realme India via Twitter.

Realme X2 will glow in the dark when you receive a notification, thanks to the "Screen Light Effect" which will arrive in March

Similarly to an effect that owners of Xiaomi they already know, too Realme X2 can take advantage of this interesting feature that will allow the device to light up when a notification is received.

Realme screen light effect

The feature will be usable for only two functions, namely the incoming calls and notifications with screen off. Thanks to this functionality, our device can take advantage of one lighting along the edges which acts as a notification LED, but larger. It will also be possible to choose between three different colors: Neon Purple, Ocean Blue e Amber orange. But why is it only Realme X2 that can take advantage of this feature?

The reason is simple: it is one of those Realme devices equipped with AMOLED panel. Indeed, as also stated by Madhav Sheth, Realme devices with AMOLED and Super AMOLED displays will be the only ones to enjoy the “Screen Light Effect” notification effect. The birth of this effect stems from the need for the brands of eliminate the notification led, given the demand for smaller and smaller notches. Indeed, as we are seeing, the notch is already destined to disappear.

To enable the screen light effects function, all you have to do is press "Settings”>“Display e brightness”>“Screen lighting effects". Obviously starting from March, when the update will arrive on the device in question.


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