Realme X3: here is the first official teaser that announces SuperZoom 60X

A poco more than a year after the release of Realme X2 here is that the homonymous brand begins to launch the first teasers for the successor. We already got to talk about Realme X3 (o X3 SuperZoom?) and not long ago there was a very important leak that saw a very special design device as protagonist. If you missed it, we invite you to go to see photos in detail. Could he be the X3 that the brand started spamming today? We do not know. Personally I think not: from the X2 to the X3 there cannot be a qualitative leap from such a great aesthetic point of view. In fact, suppose that the Realme in the photos is nothing but a prototype or at least a concept phone.

Realme begins to launch the first Realme X3 teasers with SuperZoom 60X: one step away from the stars

One step away from the stars really saw that the CEO of the Indian brand wing, Madhav Sheth, has published a photo taken by this device that immortalizes one of the most beautiful firmaments ever seen. This was taken right from Realme X3. The doubt we have however is: it will really be called SuperZoom 60X or is this just the name of the brand's technology?

The caption at the bottom of the photograph suggests that that will be the name, but nothing is said yet. One thing is for sure: at the time of its release the device will give a hard time to the first in the DxOMark rankings. The generational leap in zoom technology, mainly due to software improvements, allows to reach quality levels never seen before.

Just look at the photograph that the brand has posted on Twitter. Even if enlarged, it manages to count one by one each star in the frame. In the next few days that funny guy from Madhav will publish more photos even if we doubt that he will show us the design of Realme X3.

Source | Twitter

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