Realme beats Redmi: Realme X50 Pro first in the world with NAVIC system

Just a few days ago Manu Kumar Jain, a leading figure of Redmi, announced that the next device of the latter brand would be the first to implement the system of Indian origin. Well, it was a lie since Realme X50 Pro is actually the the world's first smartphone with the NaVIC location system. We know how the two brands, both branches of respectively Xiaomi e Oppo, are "at war" for the medium-high end smartphone sector. This war is consumed not only on the price of these devices, but also on their hardware and software conformation. In this case, however, the game ends 1 to 0 for Realme.

Realme X50 Pro beats the next Redmi device over time: it is the first in the world with NAVIC

To confirm the presence of support for the new Indian regional satellite positioning system it is not even the company itself through an official press release or otherwise with great pomp. It was the CEO Madhav Sheth through Twitter. It turned out by going to see the Realme X50 Pro

, the brand's latest flagship, on the official website.

realme x50 pro navic

But what is this localization system for? Basically the Navíc, most common name of IRNSS was born as an Indian alternative to the best known Global Positioning System (GPS): in fact, in siatuations in which the latter cannot be used, the Indian counterpart comes into action. We currently do not know what the concrete differences are between the two localization systems. But the surprises do not end here as according to what announced by the CEO of Realme, it would be ready in the forge another device equipped with this location system.

realme X50 Pro 5G

Most likely it is Realm 6, or better than Realme 6 Pro. According to our source, the enhanced version will implement this function, although it is not clear why this will not also happen for the standard. We recall in this regard that the Realme 6 and 6 Pro launch will take place on March 5th.

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[…] Just two days ago, dear Manu Kumar Jain, omnipresent on Twitter when it comes to news about the new Redmi smartphones, told us a little lie. On the occasion of a nice handshake between him and the president of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the big game of the Chinese giant told us that the next smartphone from the Redmi K30 Pro company will be the first to have the new Indian localization system NAVIC, scientific name IRNSS. In reality, since the device to which it refers has not yet been released, another mobile device has stolen it... Read the rest »