Realme X50 Pro will be the first smartphone with SuperDart 65W charging

It was only late December last year when we informed you about the registration of a trademark "Superdart”By Realme. What was it about? Nothing could be simpler: it is basically there SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge by Oppo but for Realme. In fact, the latter brand, as we know, relies on Oppo for many of the features we find on devices and charging technology is one of them. This morning it was announced that the company's next top of the range and first bearer of the 5G connection, Realme X50 Pro, will be presented with technology 65W SuperDart. Recall will make its debut on 24 February.

Realme X50 Pro will be the first smartphone with SuperDart 65W charging

To be honest we don't know if the brand really has "borrowed”This charging technology from Oppo. We can only imagine it since, although Realme is not a sub brand, it has admitted to relying on it for several features that are present on its smartphones. In any case, they are informing us Wang Wei Derek, company deputy, and the official profile of the brand through Weibo.

Realme X50 Pro superdart 65w

Despite we don't know how much battery Realme X50 Pro introduce yourself, even if it is rumored that it will be good 4200 mAh (below average, but still very large), the deputy has decided to reveal what awaits us in 10 days. The things we currently don't know are two: How long will it take

to recharge the battery? And the charger will be included inside the sales box?

They are not stupid questions to ask, especially the second. If the charger is included, we are sure that the price of the device will be destined to be quite high; if not, we will have to buy it separately and again there would be no spending poco.

realme x50 pro

The only details we know about this charging, especially on the adapter, are that it will be equipped with GaN (gallium nitride) for a greater efficiency and smaller dimensions, advanced intelligent optimization algorithms VCVT as well as optimization algorithms on charge maintenance VFC. Finally, based on the charging situation at any given time, the adapter will will adjust in real time to give power to the smartphone.

Let's not forget that all the paraphernalia can count on well five security measures in the adapter and in the wire to ensure maximum safety during charging, to avoid accidental bursts or sudden fires. What else to say? Nothing else since the brand wanted to keep the full recharge time, which we will surely discover on February 24 itself.

In short, this Realme X50 Pro becomes more and more interesting: now only the price!


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