Realme X2 review - The all-rounder smartphone

We are experiencing a historical moment for the technology in which we find on the market mid-range smartphone who can easily cope with the more expensive brothers, the so-called top of the range. Among the companies that is depopulating also in our country we find Realme than with the model X2 it is ready to amaze the vast audience of enthusiasts, as well as the competition. Will Realme succeed in this end? Find out inside ours complete review.

On the sales package the device that will await us inside is shown in plain sight, with some spoilers about the hardware used while on the back we clearly find the indication of the support for 20 bandwidth, therefore maximum connectivity with each Italian operator. Having said that inside we find:

  • Realme X2 Pro;
  • Cable for USB Type-C charging and data transfer;
  • Wall power supply with European socket and output up to 5V / 6A (30W);
  • Quick guide and warranty information, also in Italian, where the SAR values ​​of the product are given;
  • Pin for removing the SIM trolley;
  • Soft TPU cover, semitransparent, reinforced on the profiles;
  • Screen protection film already applied on the smartphone display.
Updated on: January 15, 2021 10:18 am

From the first moment we pick it up we realize that we are dealing with a nice and well-made device, although the dreams that everything is perfect break almost immediately when we realize that to break the general premium aspect, there is a perimeter frame made of glossy plastic, to look like aluminum. Right on the edges we find on the right the on / off button marked with a small one gold insert and that at the software level can also perform the function of recalling the voice assistant if pressed for about 0,5s. On the left profile we find the volume rocker alongside the SIM trolley with the possibility of inserting it 2 SIM cards in nano format and in addition a memory card with support up to 256 GB without renouncing the Dual SIM Dual Standby function, while on the upper one, alone, there is the second microphone for the reduction of environmental noise and finally on the bottom of the smartphone there is the main microphone, the mono system speaker, jack from 3,5 mm for wired earphones and port USB Type-C with OTG support.

Dimensions are important but not excessive, by measuring 158,7 x 75,2 x 8,6 mm thick, with a weight of approx 182 grams. This means good handling even if one-handed use is not its strong point but despite a back cover completely made of polished glass with protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the Realme X2 is not slippery at all, net of the curvature that merges with the side frame. The coloring Pearl White in my opinion it is the most elegant and beautiful, giving back precious light effects. The only discordant note is the position of the keys that I found uncomfortable: in fact, when holding the smartphone, we often find ourselves accidentally pressing the power and volume button - simultaneously giving life to involuntary screenshots. Instead with the combo power and volume + buttons we can enable silent mode.

The company has really worked to make this smartphone pleasant, thanks to a very high attention to detail, such as the one dedicated to the construction which is excellent. Going back, we can only notice the presence of a Dual tone LED flash, Realme logo and a rather protruding 4-lens photographic compartment, which can be leveled thanks to the supplied cover, which is also well-made and reinforced on the profiles to better protect the terminal. The protrusion in this case, however, moves to the front where the cover creates a small step with the display to better protect it in the event of a fall of the smartphone plate, but this will compromise the good use of the screen gestures putting you in the condition of having to overcome the problem by exploiting the gestures available via the on-screen softkeys.

Passing on the front it is possible to admire a large display that curves at the top hosting a small one notch to drop in which the selfie camera is inserted where in the upper part there is also the ear capsule assisted by the presence of proximity and brightness sensors. The latter were slightly lazy in general operation, but without compromising the general experience of use. Maybe a software update will improve the situation.

The technical specifications of the display tell us about a unit Super AMOLED from 6,4 inches of diagonal, resolution Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels) and 91,9% screen-to-body-ratio. The optimization of the frames as well as the brightness returned is decidedly good, which also allows good visibility in direct sunlight. The reproduced colors enjoy a high chromatic fidelity and the immersion during the reproduction of multimedia contents is amazing, considering that we also have the support to HDR video as well as certification 1 level widevine, which allows the use of streaming content in high quality, even on a platform such as Amazon Prime Video, where generally the support is lacking. For the rest, the fluidity of the touch screen is guaranteed even with the use of the film already applied on the display by the company.

During the most excited writing phases, it is possible to write very quickly without problems, but above all the unlocking with the fingerprint sensor located under the display. Although not the fastest I've tried, the use has always proven reliable ten times out of ten. Finally, despite the presence of the notch, the notifications are displayed permanently, an asset considering that we don't have a notification LED but only the presence ofAlways On Display, which however only allows viewing of the time and date and notification of messages and / or missed calls.

The interesting part of Realme X2 comes with the hardware equipment, really remarkable in consideration of the sale price. Inside we find a Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 730G (2,2GHz), octacore at 8nm, accompanied by 8GB of RAM LPDDR4X e 128GB of internal UFS 2.1 memory (in our configuration) further expandable. Although the processor is not the top of the range in circulation you will not have to fear anything about the performance. In fact, this device is able to manage practically every type of task well, even those that require some extra effort, as in the Gaming During my use I never saw any jamming but above all the temperature they always remain low, heating very little in the back, even during game sessions with more performing titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile etc .. Even the management of the RAM was rather optimal allowing us to work without having to continually reopen our projects.


Much of the performance on Realme X2 is guaranteed by the software which in this case lies in the customization of Android 9 Pie, Or the ColorOS 6.1, with update at November 2019 security patch, but the company promised the release of Android 10 and the new ColorOS 7 soon. In any case, I have not encountered any problems with the software, being able to navigate more than satisfactorily within the whole system, but it is necessary to take a little familiarity, as the options that we would generally search for in some menu often are found within others.

Perhaps I am the least suitable person to make judgments on ColorOS, as I admit that I have to deepen his knowledge, but even if I came from other smartphones, I felt good from the first moment. I don't dislike the graphics and all in all the special functions are mostly present, like the Game mode, the ability to clone applications or the simple dark mode

which also integrates perfectly with third-party apps such as Instagram. On balance, I have not seen any bugs and / or sudden closure of the applications, in short, the user experience is super promoted.

realme x2

Another valuable note goes to the photographic sector with which the Realme X2 is equipped. In the rear 4 lenses, the main one with Samsung GW1 64 MP sensor, aperture f/1.8, 6P lens and 1 / 1.72 sensor size. Below we find one wide-angle lens da 8 megapixel, with a viewing angle of 119 ° and aperture f / 2.25, to continue with a lens from 2 megapixel used for data collection for portrait mode and finally one 2 megapixel macro lens with fire at 4 cm from the subject.

Realme X2 does not behave badly during the daytime, although I would have expected a higher general quality of the shots, although the color reproduction is fairly faithful to reality. What convinced me the least is the GUI of the camera app, as it does functions are not very close at hand, considering that in general it is shot with a single hand: we have to call them from a menu accessible by a button located at the bottom of the interface. Although there is a button with the indication 2X, the zoom is digital and not optical. You can go through it from a 2X to a 5X even if in this case the final quality degrades significantly.

The wide-angle lens may need to be refined, as although it can give photos otherwise impossible with the standard lens, the quality of the colors tends to mix. On the other hand, the presence of artificial intelligence is good, but it cannot be activated / deactivated at will. Finally, we have the presence of HDR which seems to do its job well. in night shots the situation is not better than many other smartphones, with a presence of digital noise that is dampened only by using the night mode. In this case, a different lighting management is applied, which tends to sharpen the image.

About the selfie camera, a perspective 32 megapixel, the results obtained are more than satisfactory, also taking advantage in this case of the presence of HDR and night mode. L'bokeh effect for both optics (rear and front) it is able to cut the faces and subjects in the foreground well.

Realme X2 performs better with videos that can be shot in 4K is 30fps, ma anche in 1080p to 60fps, while in resolution 1080p is 30 fps we can also take advantage of the EIS image stabilization which seems to work very well even in rather difficult conditions. Good audio captured by microphones, perhaps slightly subdued the volume but still appreciable. However, the function was disappointing Slow Motion which allows you to slow down to 960fps, but in any case, therefore at lower frame rates, the quality is really poor. Finally it must be said that we find the Camera2API already unlocked and the network is flocking first portings of the GCam, therefore with a good imagination, you will be able to get the best out of this photographic sector.

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Realme X2 appears to be a rather complete smartphone also from the point of view of connectivity. We therefore find a form as a dowry 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac which manages to perform even in the most difficult areas of the house but if you cannot take advantage of hotspots then you can take advantage of the LTE network by navigating also 4G + on both slots. However, there is no shortage NFC, Bluetooth 5.0GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo, in addition to the aforementioned USB Type-C port, memory expansion with micro SD and 3,5 mm jack input. Absent instead the FM radio, while at the audio level, with inserted earphones we could also take advantage of a Dirac Dolby Atmos , with native presets optimized for music, video, speech or choose to equalize the audio stream painstakingly.

Audio which in general is of good quality despite the presence of the mono speaker, which offers a high level of volume and good sound nuances with bass, albeit unmarked, rather present. During the calls you will have no problem conversing with your interlocutor. On the other hand, in fact, they will always hear us clearly and without any disturbance, even in generally more crowded places.

realme x2

Before I told you about the unlocking by fingerprints positioned under the display, but this is not the only way to unlock our Realme X2, which through the selfie camera therefore also allows the facial release. Everything happens in super fast times and although the release is 2D, this was quite safe and performing even in conditions of very low ambient brightness.

To conclude, a battery from 4000 mAh. As I often say, real goodness and real autonomy are not measured by simple hours of active screen, as they are easily altered. I can only say that I have always managed to arrive until the evening, in fact I have often used the Realme X2 up to 2 almost complete days even with a rather intense use.

Also know that at the charging level it takes about 30 minutes to get over 60% of autonomy while it takes about 70/75 minutes to get 100% of the capacity, thanks to the charge VOOC 4.0 and the power supply in the package, from 30W.


Realme X2 it is proposed on the market at an official price of 299 € in Italy, in our 8 / 128GB variant. An expense that is worth up to the last penny in consideration that this smartphone manages to do everything in a more than excellent way. A smartphone not only buys the hardware, but the whole system as a whole and the solution proposed by Realme has the potential that in my opinion with the bequest of new updates can improve over time, like good wine. I who am an avid supporter of Xiaomi, would gladly switch to this Realme X2, which I really recommend to all those who have a budget below 300 euros and who do not want to have regrets or shortcomings for the purchase made, but perhaps not suitable to whom is an eternal undecided.

Updated on: January 15, 2021 10:18 am

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8.6 total Score
Realme X2

True perfection lies when defects are also appreciated. This Realme X2 is not exempt from these, but has been able to capture my attention thanks to a 360 degree versatility. A handyman smartphone at a fair price, but perhaps not suitable for the undecided eternals.

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