Revealed the price of Oppo Ace 2: lower than we expected

In the past few days we have spoken extensively about Oppo Ace 2, the brand's new device that will make itself talk for a long time. Because? Not only because it is the first of a "completely new" series but also because it will be the holder of a line of devices with 40W wireless fast charging. This feature will make it the most powerful on the market. You will say: "But there is the new Vivo Apex that reaches 120W". You're right, but that's a concept phone while this isn't. The question we are asking is: how much will this wireless charging raise the price?

A Chinese retailer has revealed the price of Oppo Ace 2: we expected more, but it is still not low

According to what we managed to get from Chinese social networks like Weibo, a Chinese retailer allegedly put a sign outside his store with the price of Oppo Ace 2. The device will make its debut in a few days and it is therefore plausible that some Chinese retailers are already moving with the presales.

price of oppo ace 2 unveiled

Advertising poster showing the price of Oppo Ace 2 in China (presale)

As you can see from the photo, a colored poster on a tripod lists the key characteristics of the device in question: processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

, low weight of 185 g, wired charging at a power of 65W and ultra-fast internal memory of type UFS 3.0. In the end here is the price: 4.399 yuan, at the current exchange rate 560 €.

Did you expect more? Yes we too, but consider that this is the price that Oppo Ace 2 will have in China. Or rather, this is the presale price of the 5G device. It is clear that at its official release the cost will be higher and we expect it to arrive around € 600. But let's stop for a moment to think about other smartphones with similar characteristics. The cost of devices like Xiaomi Mi 10 o Oppo Find X2 Pro it is decidedly greater (even if we look at the prices leaked before the release) despite the processors are identical.

That Oppo has lowered prices exclusively for this new line of elite smartphones?

Source | Weibo

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