Official 3MP Samsung ISOCELL HP200: Smaller pixels but with 16-in-1 binning

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South Korean tech giant Samsung has just announced a new high-end smartphone sensor, the 3-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL HP200.

Official 3MP Samsung ISOCELL HP200: Smaller pixels but with 16-in-1 binning

The ISOCELL HP3 sensor is the successor to the ISOCELL HP1, which had 0,64μm pixels, while the HP3 has smaller 0,56μm pixels.

At the same time, Samsung is also introducing a new technology called Epic Resolution Pro which serves to achieve a high and professional level resolution.

In general, the new ISOCELL HP3 has a 12% smaller pixel size and can also allow for a reduction of approximately 20% of the surface area of ​​the camera module. The HP3 sensor also supports video recording up to 8K at 30 frames per second and 4K recording at 120fps. Very useful is the fact that it can record high resolution video with minimal loss in the field of view, especially at 8K resolutions.

Another very important feature on the new sensor is the Tetra2pixel technology. Typically this binning technology involves the camera sensor combining four pixels (AKA quad binning) to deliver brighter images in low-light scenarios. While Samsung's new HP3 sensor manages to combine as many as 16 pixels into one. In theory, this should allow the camera to offer a large pixel sensor that will be able to absorb more light for better performance in night scenes.

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