Mark the date: Realme XT 17G will debut on December 730th… and it will not be alone

Now it seems that the Realme company has abandoned the idea of ​​offering entry level devices and is concentrating its forces on medium range devices, on the other hand they are the best sellers and the most sought after in terms of quality / price ratio. And so after the launch of the XT model also in Italy, the Asian company has decided to give a further pearl to its users, announcing the official launch, via teaser, of the new Realme XT 730G, scheduled for December 17 which will also be joined by one of the most coveted products in this 2019.

The first rumors concerning the Realme XT 730G dates back to September but no other news has circulated on the net until now. But the promise of the Asian brand to offer an enhanced version of the current XT is kept as demonstrated by the teaser at the beginning of the article which reveals and confirms the launch of the device moved by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor. But the surprises for Christmas do not stop there, as as already told in a previous article, the Realme XT 730G will be joined by the first TWS headphones branded Realme, clearly inspired by the design of Apple's Airpods.

Mark the date: Realme XT 17G will debut on December 730th… and it will not be alone

Unlike the bitten apple model, the colors will be at least 3 including the classic white but also black and a bright yellow / orange that certainly will not make you go unnoticed in people's eyes. Unfortunately we have no further specifications about the features that the new TWS Realme headphones will have as a dowry as well as whether the technical characteristics of the Realme XT 730G will diverge from the basic model only for the SoC, although theoretically the new smartphone should follow in all respects the Chinese X2 model, therefore a simple rebrand for the global market.

In any case, it remains interesting to see the evolution of the Realme brand, which in poco less than a year it has been able to raise the attention of users from an economic brand to a real king of the Olympus of smartphones.

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