Seven cameras for this Oppo smartphone, but something is missing

If we once thought that the Find X were a concept phone, well, with the passage of time we understood that his heir will not be. If the Find X2 will prove to be a "common" smartphone very similar to those already on the market, the brand will have to create a new series to withdraw the morale of users who want to see amazing designs. But perhaps it is already so, given that a patent Oppo would immortalize a device with well seven rear cameras. Now, we do not know if in reality, in a more or less distant future, this design will see the light but in the meantime let's turn our eyes.

Oppo would have patented a device with seven rear sensors, but what is missing?

As usual we thank the staff of 91mobiles who always manages to steal otherwise inaccessible patents, and once we ask ourselves how they do it without giving us an answer, we continue with the vision of this UFO style smartphone.

oppo seven cameras

Let's start talking about the front: nothing new compared to what we are used to seeing. The panel presents minimal edges it's a notch with water drop, in contrast with the fashion of the moment, that is with the forum. But do you notice anything strange? The device has no buttons and no ports! If you notice well, on all sides they are no volume rocker, power button and entry ports like type-C; is also missing grid to hear the speaker, the IR sensor and whatever else you can think of. Such a thing has been seen before: who knows the Meizu Zero

will know what we are talking about. Even the Vivo Apex 2019 has similar characteristics.

oppo seven cameras

The surprising thing about this Oppo, however, is not the lack of doors but the presence of seven cameras. On the back side we find a porthole (two hypotheses, tondo in OnePlus style ed hexagonal) in which they are cashed six "secondary" sensors and one main in the center. The most nerdy and fond of Japanese cartoons may see a particular ocular ability of the universe of Naruto. But regardless of this, this Oppo with seven cameras could don't see reality in a future neither near nor far.

oppo seven cameras

Paradoxically, such a type of technology is too much for the market, at least at the moment. We are already struggling to digest a technology that brings us 256 megapixel or smartphone from five cameras, let alone seven.

Having said that, what do you think? Really curious as a device ... would you do it a little thought?


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