Telegram Premium has a big privacy problem. Google has something to do with it

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Premium Telegram has reached all users. Or rather, it has come to those who want to pay for exclusive features. But beyond that, the Russian messaging service is famous and appreciated for its privacy Policy. For some it is better than WhatsApp, for others it is not… the world is divided. And among those who fear for their privacy there are some who are with the upgrade to the Premium version awed by a feature. Let's go see the details.

According to some users, Telegram Premium transmits voice messages to Google as part of the voice-to-text functionality. It will be like this?

The functionality to which we refer is what it is called voice-to-text translation. In short, a voice message can be transposed into letters if we do not have the possibility to listen to it. So far so good: a truly remarkable feature. Yet some users have raised controversy in Russia

. Who is behind the tech world will surely know that Telegram is proposed as a "de Google-ized" alternative to WhatsApp, but in this case with the upgrade to Premium it seems that there is a hand of Google anyway.

like having premium telegram

Apparently, to implement this voice-to-text function, the voice messages of Telegram Premium users are sent to Google for processing and converting sound to text. Habr's user with the nickname snaker4 drew attention to this aspect. As the enthusiast noted, there is one in the terms of service clause concerning the conversion of speech to text and is indicated as follows:

Premium Services include the ability to convert any voice message on Telegram to text. This technology is still evolving and there is no guarantee that any voice mail you attempt to convert to text will be correctly transcribed or transcribed. The accuracy and availability of this technology depends on a third party (Google LLC, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.) and we cannot guarantee that it will always be accurate and available.

Some users have reacted very negatively to such a message. What do you think about it? Do you use Telegram precisely because it does not rely on Google in a certain sense? And are you worried about this implication? In any case it is useful to note that this feature is not available in secret chats

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