Oppo's Super Flagship Store in Guangzhou is the future

How many times have we seen in the movies those buildings at the "Tron Legacy" and dreamed of walking in it? Minimalist but futuristic buildings that looking at them, the WOW effect is guaranteed at first glance. Here, this is the new one Super Flagship Store in Oppo in Guangzhou, in China. So let's take a break from all those tech topics we talk about every day and dream for a few minutes. The whole technology inside the building creates a perfect union with the sinuous lines of the structure that immediately recall the bamboo canes symbol of Chinese culture. Let's see the details together.

Here is the building where we technology lovers would like to live: the Oppo Super Flagship Store in Guangzhou

The Oppo Guangzhou Super Flagship Store, located in Grandview Plaza. A small parenthesis on the latter place. Grandview Plaza is a legendary location in Guangzhou's business district: once upon a time it was the largest shopping mall in Asia and now it is also one of the very few shopping malls in China classified as a panoramic point of level 4A. The revolutionary design of this store is not just about the "decoration" of the building: the designer Lin Xin said that "the charm of the building lies in bringing local residents into a limbo between traditional culture and modern technology".


As you can see from the photos above, the brand's Super Store is presented outside with sinuous curves. By enlarging the image you can see the attention to detail. The traditional character of which we spoke earlier refers precisely to this metallic material reminiscent of the shape of bamboo canes. Furthermore, after midnight, the lights inside these tubulars light up to create a truly stunning effect. These shine they are not static but they are programmed to move following the curves of the building. In addition to this, every time a person walks near this building, he will be affected by a series of effects that change according to his position.


Super Flagship Store in Oppo in Guangzhou

This place is not only tech as it is located in the center of a huge green park where there are kiosks to eat or even games to train. The green and gray are the two main colors of this "attractive location". Green is not only the brand's favorite color but also the one that tells users where to go. Same thing for gray. Following the color green you arrive in fact at the park, clearly less technological area, while following the gray color you will arrive inside the actual store where there are all the equipment such as smartphones, televisions and more.

Looking at the photographs one cannot help but think that this is not a store, but a museum. In this regard Lin Xin, the engineer mentioned above, said: "I think a shop isn't just a shop. Just like there are various apps in a mobile phone, the store actually offers a variety of products, including value-added services, financial services, after-sales services and tech devices proper.". Since 2017, the company has built two flagship stores in China: one in Shanghai and one in Shenzhen, the two largest Chinese technological and commercial centers.

But what is Oppo's goal in building such buildings? According to the upper floors (as reported in the source), one is increasingly confident of being able to use these places as vehicle to make users understand (already fond or not), that living within technology is possible and by no means dangerous. Indeed, the fear of many that technology may have the upper hand over man and consciousness is always present.

Source | Oppo

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