A patent reveals two new OPPO TWS headsets

Despite the "blockade" imposed by the Coronavirus Covid-19, which has inevitably brought the world economy to its knees, also affecting technological events such as the cancellation of the MWC 2020 in Barcelona, ​​Chinese companies have not lost the desire to amaze the their users with new products and gadgets. Among these also OPPO, a company that should shortly churn out its first wearable and that today returns to be talked about thanks to a patent leaked on the net that suggests the launch of two new TWS in-ear earphones.

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A patent reveals two new OPPO TWS headsets

Well, if this format has been considered "inconvenient" for too long, it is now back in vogue thanks also to Apple, which with its Airpods Pro has attracted the attention of audiophiles because of the built-in background noise cancellation function. Looking at the images of the alleged new OPPO earphones, we realize that we are dealing with a decidedly interesting product, not so much for the shapes, these rather classic but precisely for the features that they will integrate.

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First of all, it is possible to notice a button that will allow you to act on listening to music, imparting different actions, but above all it should allow the action of a system of cancellation of environmental noises. In fact, this will be the direction that all in-ear headphones in general will point and OPPO will not stand by and watch. It is possible to see the charging pins on the internal driver of the headset as well as what looks like a proximity sensor, probably designed to play / pause the song listened to simply by removing the headset from the ear.


The second model (which you find in the image above) instead seems more compact and perhaps inspired by Samsung's Galaxy Buds, but apart from the different shape it should offer the same functions as the more traditional stick model. Unfortunately, no presumed launch dates have emerged, but given the size of the product, there shouldn't be much missing. Who knows, maybe we will see them paired with the smartwatch that OPPO will present by Q1 2020.

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