A 192 MP sensor ready to debut on smartphones of the future

It seems like an eternity has passed since the first mobile device capable of taking a photo and immortalizing our memories through a video arrived. From that day on, technology has made great strides to the present day, with smartphones capable of matching the quality of reflex cameras thanks to more and more performing sensors. Manufacturers like Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and Huawei, to name a few, have been able to surprise us with increasingly resolute terminals in terms of quality and megapixels.

A 192 MP sensor ready to debut on smartphones of the future

We have practically had as a base, 48 MP but the same Xiaomi has given us devices with 108 MP although often adopt the Pixel Binning technology, a technique that combines the signal captured by the various pixels in one. In doing so, a larger one is simulated, able to acquire more light and return better results than usual.

But the technology and the hunger for megapixels does not seem to stop, so much so that the developments on the first 150 MP sensors are already advanced but what will make us discuss the most, according to the leaker Digital Chat Station is that starting from the month of May it will already begin talking about sensors for 192 MP smartphones.

You got it right, 192 MP that will be moved by the Snapdragon 765 processor, a chipset that has already made an appearance on phones such as Redmi K30 Pro, Realme X50, Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite, Vivo Z6 and Oppo Reno 3 Pro. Who knows what the first, smartphone maker to let us appreciate the potential of a 192 MP photographic sensor? But above all, are they really necessary?

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