Nothing Phone (1) dares: unboxing proves it wants to surpass iPhone

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We had previously said that Nothing Phone (1) wants to be the new iPhone and, after today, we can confirm that he is succeeding. The first unboxing of the smartphone not yet presented to the world is online. It could only be Marques Brownlee to do it: after all it is the best ever on the square. But let's not get lost in chat and let's go and see in every detail the smartphone that we are all waiting for.

The first unboxing of Nothing Phone (1), the smartphone of Carl Pei's company of the same name, is online. Similar but different from an iPhone, it dares the maximum

Famous tech blogger Marques Brownlee of the YouTube channel MKBHD was the first to review a new smartphone from OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. He showed the Nothing Phone (1) from the front and demonstrated many of the unique features

device not available on any other smartphone on the market. 

Visually, Nothing Phone (1) very reminiscent of the iPhone 12 with the same flat edges and dual camera in the upper left corner. At the same time, the device stands out from the competition with one transparent back cover with a decorative design of the interior elements. In the front, it has one screen dish with thin bezels of the same thickness on all sides and a hole for a selfie camera in the upper left corner.

The main feature of the smartphone is the LED backlighting surrounding the camera unit and wireless charging. The company itself called it the ultimate LED display. In total, there are more than 900 LEDs miniature on the back cover, creating a more even glow. They serve as a flashlight or backlight when using the camera. By the way, during video recording, a small red LED flashes behind. 

But the purpose of these LEDs is not limited to a simple flash. There is a special section in the settings Glyph Interface, where you can adjust the brightness of the glow or specify the time when the backlight will not work (for example at night). If we put the TWS headphones on the back cover of the smartphone, the wireless charging, as indicated by the indicator around the coil. And when we plug in the USB Type-C charging cable, the bar in the bottom of the case shows the current battery level. Over time it turns off, but can be reactivated by moving the smartphone. 

nothing phone (1)

Finally, Nothing Phone (1) has 10 unique ringtones, each with a unique lighting scheme. Thus, we can assign a different glow to different contacts or applications and only by the type of smartphone, even if it is in silent mode, we can understand who is calling or what kind of notification has arrived. The official presentation of Nothing Phone (1) is scheduled for 12 July.

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