Vivo also monitors your weight, but with a smart ring

Vivo he intends to create an ecosystem within which one will also appear smart ring. It is a special ring (no, not like that of Green Lantern) that allows you to monitor the user's weight in real time. The idea of ​​a smart ring is not exclusive to this company: Apple and others have already thought about it, even though the product never happened. Smaller companies, on the other hand, have thrown themselves into it but it is difficult to see them around. But let's see what the Chinese giant can do.

Vivo intends to measure weight and monitor health not with a smartphone, but with a ring: a smart ring for health

Vivo has decided that the w they are not just smartbands and smartwatches, even if we have yet to see them with their name as smart watches and bracelets. His idea of ​​wearable will pass for a ring, a smart ring with really interesting capabilities. According to what we read from a patent presented by poco (via Mydrivers), with publication number CN112595402A, the device would be a smart ring for monitor the physical health of the user wearing it. As we can see in the image, it represents a mock up

, you can see several sensors inside the ring.

vivo smart ring
Live ring mock up

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The source states that the abstract describes the operation of the smart ring at a minimum. Basically the sensors would not only serve for monitor your weight (main function) but also for recognize who is wearing it. We therefore assume that with a technology similar to that of fingerprint recognition, the device can really recognize a person among a series of individuals. In this way it is possible that the ring is used by more people.

The smart ring would also monitor the blood pressure and heart rate through internal sensors. It is plausible that the whole is controlled by smartphone or otherwise from a device with a larger screen. It seems difficult for us to understand how, through such a small display, we can see all this data. But nothing is excluded.

Via | Gizchina

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