The first photos of the Vivo Watch patent appear on the net, the brand's smartwatch

After seeing how it will be Realme's first smartwatch thanks to photos of XDA, let's see what that could be like Living. The Chinese company is very strong in China and the reasons are many: good smartphones but above all a lot of firepower in marketing. Perhaps not everyone knows that smartphones sell a lot in China if there is one behind them show figure (preferably young) to advertise them. Well, know that Vivo is among those who invest the most in this area. Regardless of this however it seems that smartphones are not his only idea since plans to launch Vivo Watch.

Its name could be Vivo Watch, even if we don't know if it will be like this: without a doubt a smartwatch is in the brand's thoughts. Here is the patent

What we called Vivo watch for convenience it could also have another name. For now we are only in possession of fragments, of photographs that immortalize the smartwatch in its early days sketches. It is in fact the patent. As such we are not sure that the final design will be the same (indeed, we hope so).

At a first glance, the device does not present particularities that suggest a smartwatch. In fact the design recalls that of a watch with rotating bezel for diving. Perhaps the younger ones do not know this type of "technology": it is a kind of crown placed on the round dial of the watch that is used by those who dive into the water to accurately calculate dive times

. It is therefore used to calculate decompression under water.

Il Vivo watch it seems to have the same type of bezel and this does not make it a real smartwatch. It remains to be hoped for features therefore: expected ECG, pedometer, receiving notifications and more.

Il straprubber probably interchangeable or at least that's what the images suggest. On the rear there seem to be gods sensors that will be used to control the beats through the wrist. In general we cannot say that we are entranced by the first glance at this Vivo smartwatch, but it remains to be seen whether this will be the design in the future or not.

It is however a patent and variants they are always on the agenda.

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