vivo X70 Pro outperforms the competition: it is the best camera phone

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vivo X70 family it is the latest that the Chinese company of the same name has presented in China. In Italy, unfortunately, we "stopped" at the X60 and it is highly unlikely that the 70 will arrive. However, we must not give up as it is almost certain that the vivo X80 will arrive in Italy. But having said that, DxOMark today he crowned a new champion of the cameraphone. Let's see the strengths (many) and weaknesses (few) of the Pro model just evaluated.

DxOMark evaluates the cameras of vivo X70 Pro and is ecstatic: it is the best premium smartphone ever. What a beast that is!

The laboratory staff DxOMark has posted a detailed review of the photo and video capabilities of vivo X70 Pro. This device differs from the X70 Pro + model not only in the set of cameras, but also in the processor, which also affects the quality of the final image.

The flagship vivo X70 Pro is equipped with a camera main 50-megapixel camera with a Sony IMX766V sensor and an f / 1.75 aperture lens with OIS. In addition, the smartphone has a module 12 megapixel ultra wide angle and two cameras with optical zoom: 2x and 5x. The Mediatek Dimensity 1200 processor is the head and heart of all the paraphernalia.

vivo x70 pro dxomark camera evaluation

According to DxOMark experts, the vivo X70 Pro camera has the following strengths


  • precise exposure and good detail in low light conditions
  • nice colors
  • wide dynamic range
  • precise autofocus and large depth of field
  • precise white balance on the ultra wide angle camera
  • good detail on medium telephoto
  • good exposure, white balance and detail in the video in bright light
  • effective video stabilization

There are also some drawbacks in vivo X70 Pro cameras which, however, did not weigh too much on the evaluation:

  • inaccurate white balance indoors and in low light conditions in both photos and videos
  • loss of fine detail in high-contrast scenes
  • poco audible noise in all conditions
  • noticeable delay when pressing the shutter button in all conditions
  • color artifacts when shooting with an ultra wide angle camera
  • decrease in resolution when shooting sequentially on a TV camera
  • instability of the display in the video
  • poor detail and AF instability when shooting video in low light conditions

Based on the results of all tests, the vivo X70 Pro received 131 points, which was the best result in the Premium category. The smartphone is even approached the Ultra Premium segment which includes X70 Pro + with 135 points.

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