A nasty vulnerability hits the routers of the most famous brands

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Those who use the internet at home, 99% use a router. Through that, the line can be "extended" to PC, access point and so on. However, while we don't care much about them, some of these devices may have some flaws. Sometimes developers, to put us in trouble, create ad hoc ones. Let's go see one new vulnerability and was discovered by the American team of Sentinel Labs.

Routers are never this secure. We use them daily without realizing that a flaw could hit them ... as in this case

The American computer company Sentinel Labs published a report on a severe vulnerability of the NetUSB module installed in the routers of many famous brands. According to experts, a "hole" in their protection allows attackers to interact remotely with devices connected to home networks

, while the corresponding patches for many models have not yet been released.

The “affected” component for network equipment, manufactured by the Taiwanese company KCodes, it is widely used in routers of brands such as Netgear, TP-Link, Tenda, EDiMA, XDLink e Western Digital. It is designed for remote interaction with devices connected to the router via a USB port. For example, it allows you to use the printer as if it were connected directly to your PC. 

router vulnerability

The vulnerability discovered by experts allows hackers to connect to such home devices. According to the report by Sentinel LabsBy using this method, attackers can ultimately use other people's computers and other devices for DDoS attacks, phishing and even mining di cryptocurrency. Network equipment manufacturers can fix the vulnerability themselves, but today only Netgear published the list of vulnerable models and their update.

According to experts, there is still no information on the success of a alleged "attack" described in the report, but this does not exclude its appearance in the near future. If you also own a router of these brands, beware

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