WhatsApp Web now allows you to create stickers: here's how

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WhatsApp finally integrates one of the most requested functions: the possibility of create the stickers (stickers) completely personalized starting from an image. In one word: meme. This functionality however, at the moment, is present only on WhatsApp Web, which is the version of the social non-mobile instant messaging. Therefore only from PC and Mac is it possible to create stickers. Having made this clarification, let's see how to do it.

Here's how to create custom stickers on WhatsApp Web. The new feature is coming, but watch out: only on the non-mobile version

Before starting, you need to do some clarification. WhatsApp Web, first of all, is not what you use via the app / program downloaded on your Mac or PC. The web version of the application is ed only exclusively the one used by the browser accessible via this link.

The second clarification to make is that to create stickers on WhatsApp Web it is necessary join the beta. Don't worry: you don't have to download strange applications or do magic, but simply follow the following guide:

  • first of all you need to connect the smartphone application to the Web client. To do this, go to the three dots at the top right and first select "Connected devices" and then "Collect a device". So let's move on to the web app and scan the QR code via the smartphone camera
  • now we need to activate the functionality and do as follows and as shown in the photos above: in the "Connected devices" option we will find the "Multi device (beta)“, Select the option and that's it

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How to create a sticker on WhatsApp

Now let's see how to create a sticker. To do this we follow the following guide

  • let's go to the option "Adhesive”Which has always been present on the application (please, from a Web client and not from a smartphone or from a Mac / PC program!) At the bottom left of the typing bar. Once done we will find the option "Crea".
  • at this point we will have to choose an image from memory of our Mac / PC device on which to create a sticker. We have chosen a nice Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, intent on showing the motto "Are you OK? " used to advertise a number of the company's smartphones
how to create stickers on whatsapp
  • as you can see, the preview image is smaller, but above we find one set of tools to create our WhatsApp sticker: cut, add emoticon, add sticker, write text, draw and cut out. We do our jobs and ...
how to create stickers on whatsapp
  • this is the result!

Unfortunately the stickers on WhatsApp are not available via smartphone application but the company has confirmed that after a running-in period, the functionality will also be extended to the mobile app.

Source | WhatsApp official site

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