WhatsApp: Background voice messages will soon be a reality

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WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging social in the world, albeit Telegram it is catching up (at least in terms of functionality). Even the users of the latter increase from month to month and the first Google social network will be destined to "perish" if the developers do not release updates as fast as the second. An interesting news that is coming concerns the voice messages in the background. Let's go see the details.

WhatsApp is working on an expected and requested feature: the ability to listen to voice messages in the background. How about?

The team of the popular WhatsApp continues to work on the convenience of voice messages. In recent months, new features have been added such as changing the playback speed and pre-listening before sending

. In addition to this, in the form of a beta test, there seems to be the future possibility of transcribing an oral text in written form. Let's find out today that the beta version of WhatsApp now has one function to listen to voice messages in the background

whatsapp: background voice messages

The innovation was initially unearthed by BetaInfo. Listening in background allows you to switch to other chats without interrupting playback. In the stable version of WhatsApp, for now everything is unchanged: if we listen to a voice message in WhatsApp and switch to another chat, the message will stop playing. 

Background playback appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android with the build number When you switch to a new chat or Messenger home screen, a. Appears at the top of the application voice message reader with buttons for stop and start, as well as a play indicator. 

Via | XDA Developers

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