YouTube has contributed significantly to the increase in GDP

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The last time we talked about YouTube it was when we wanted to somehow bypass one of the latest additions that it has integrated. It was the elimination of the "Dislike“, Replaced by a more anonymous one (e poco useful maybe) "I don't like it". Today we are talking about social media in a different context: how much this has helped the Italian economy. We would never say that, but the Google platform has contributed and not poco to our economy. Let's see the details.

You would never have guessed it, but an Oxford Economics study states that YouTube has helped increase Italy's GDP and created jobs

According to a Oxford Economics report, YouTube contributed to the increase of the Italian GDP. This is not only a fact, corroborated by the data of the analysis, but also one unique research of its kind. For the first time in fact, a digital platform of this type was considered for an economic study. This is a sign that means a lot, especially for those professionals who make videomaking their source of income.

youtube contributes to the Italian GDP

The study of Oxford Economics pointed out that the ecosystem of the platform (videos, live streams, shorts and so on) contributed about 190 million euros to the Italian GDP in 2020

. In the same period, they were spawned 15.000 jobs connected to the world of YouTube. These sources of income support not only jobs and income for content creators, but also broader economic activity in supply chains and through worker consumption.

Of the Italian creative entrepreneurs interviewed by Oxford Economics

  • il 75% claims that YouTube had a positive impact on their professional goals
  • il 76% agrees that being YouTuber makes you try a sense of identification and belonging.

If, on the other hand, we talk about business support, of the companies interviewed in the European Union:

  • il 70% agrees that YouTube had a role in helping them expand their customer base,
  • il 75% of EU businesses agreed that the presence on YouTube helps to be found by customers,
  • il 72% agrees that YouTube helps them reach new audiences all over the world.

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